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December 2005
Nice Exhibition ! Snow was there, so it was a real Christmas... Bad weather didn't disturbed the visitors who came to visit the local potters' exhibition... Rendez-vous in springtime for the next exhibition, probably before our traditional outdoor exhibition/market "Pots and Plants" next May.

January 2006 .

The new "relay" workshop for young potters is almost finished. Hard work, but it will be very confortable !

At springtime we will have a nice small apartment and a brand new, well equipted, pottery workshop. Close to the small wood kiln, both will be rented to young potters not yet able to have their own workshop.

Renting info.



7 Nov. The "small" kiln (6m3) finished its 3rd firing. 4 days burning oak loga for Gaëtan and Gaelle's pots.
Waiting now for cooling...

6-10 Oct. "Big pots with rope technique" workshop was full in October. 8 students has followed the session leaded by Raymon Guibert. They all finished the week having made a nice big pot. Now we have to fire them !
Fabienne et Camille are following a long term workshop. All the pottery tasks are learned : clay preparation, throwing, enameling, and pottery renovation !
2005 workshops schedule will be available soon...





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