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 The Jacques-Jeanneney Pottery

The Jacques-Jeanneney pottery, named after its last two owners in the 20th century, is an exceptional pottery site in the Puisaye. For fifty years it kept the memory of the great potteries intact; the potteries that produced jars, salting-tubs, flower-pots and other objects indispensible to the households and industries of the period, until the end of the 1950s. That was before the invention of the fridge and plastic boxes...

Since 2000, the Jacques-Janneney pottery has found a new life, its kiln put back into working order and the buildings being restored, by the "Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Potier de Puisaye".

Site plan
100m3 kiln built in the 1820s, the firebox is in front of the "shell". The last firing was in October 2003. The next to last was in the 1950s!

(2) The lodge". Large hall that is used to store the dry wood, and to shelter the stokers during the firing.

(3) The pottery workshops containing the wheels, the clay-pit and the clay preparation tables, and the drying sheds.

(4)Buildings that were used as sculpture studios by Paul Jeanneney at the beginning of the twentieth centruy and were later used as drying sheds. Now they contain the exhibition rooms and there will soon be artist's studios too.





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