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The "Association pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Potier de Puisaye" was created in 2001 by Francois Eve, potter in Saint Amand en Puisaye and teacher at the CNIFOP, around an old pottery founded in 1820 in the 'Faubourg des Poteries' (pottery quarter).

This association has a principal objective of reviving this exceptional site by restoring the various buildings and equipment and in particular the 100 m3 kiln, one of the oldest in St Amand, which was last fired in the 1950's.

The objective is to make this unique site a meeting and discussion place for potters and enthusiasts around exhibitions and various events, and also a place where young potters in particuliar can find a stimulating learning environment for the beginning of their careers, where they can take courses and use the studios.

Even though the association is supported by local partners (Conseil Général...), the largest part of the association's resources comes from sales linked to the exhibitions and from gifts of equipment from a number of individuals who support us. We depend especially on our members to take part in our activities and to relay the information...

A firing of the 100m3 wood-fired kiln which we have restored, took place in Octobre 2003. The firing lasted two weeks including the pre-heating and used 120 m2 of dry wood (birch, oak, hornbeam and faggots). The pots are really fantastic ! We'll plan a second firing as soon as our finances allow us...

The exhibition rooms, installed in Jeanneney's former studio, partially renovated, have hosted the "Pots de la Grande Cuisson" exhibition in May. It took a lot of elbow-grease, but we managed to display Jacques' pots, and all the others, to their best advantage.

The 2003 courses for rope pots, and the 2004 course on wood-kiln construction were a great success. The two-chambered wood-kiln has been fired for the first time in july...

The now traditional exhibition "Pots and Plants" in May 2004 went off well, thanks to Yolaine's permanent attention, in spite of bad weather that kept visiters away on certain week-ends.

Work on the future **relay** studio is under way. François isn't doing his back any good doing the roof ! Ceradel has donated a second-hand gas-fired kiln which will be installed in this studio.



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