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The ASPPP is a 1901 law association, non-profitmaking, open to all, professional and amateur potters and pottery enthusiasts... You can support the work on by subscribing to the association by sending your subscription - 16 euro to :- ASPPP, faubourg des Poteries 58310 Saint-Amand en Puisaye. Even better, you could come along to give us a hand, there's always a spare spade available !

We're working to preserve and share the pottery tradition. Since our resources are limited and it's an ambitious project, all contributions, help and volunteers are welcome. Equipment, muscle (and brains! ) of all sorts will be useful...

Sponsors / Gifts
If you are a company, you can become a sponsor of one of our events (kiln firings, exhibitions...)
You can help us by sending your donations by cheque addressed to "Association Sauvegarde Patrimoine Potier" to the association's address , or giving us equipment that you no longer need...

We are looking for.... Description
Thermocouples; oxy-reduction sensors; anemometers; measuring instruments and the ability to use them For our future ceramic projects
Electric and foot potters' wheels
Do you have an old foot wheel or a Shimpo that you don't use any more? Any other potter's equipment? We're interested.
Refractory material (bricks, kiln furniture, ...), roof timbers  
And for the future library...  
A PC and a printer (even old ones!) , books and reviews on pottery, ceramics. To make available to the association members working on the site.
Video and digital photo equipment We would like to broadcast our activities more widely. Even loans are very useful.
And especially...  
Willing men and women. You can help us in the ordinary activities on the pottery site: gardening, maintenance, cleaning, tidying,...
And in particular: mecanics, roofers, lawyers, secretaries... Well, a pottery doesn't run on its own, especially one of such a venerable age. There are machines and roofs to be put in order, and files as well!
Musicians ! The firings are special moments for meeting others, have a party and listening to or playing music. The pottery will welcome you with open arms!




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